MAISON Fine Homes & Interior Design in Saskatoon

By on August 17, 2017
MAISON Fine Homes & Interior Design in Saskatoon

MAISON Fine Homes & Interior Design in Saskatoon

MAISON Fine Homes & Interior Design in Saskatoon have a very clear vision on how homes in Saskatoon should be designed and built.

Andrew and Jilaire Wagner are Saskatoon’s interior design experts and believe the cornerstone of their process is getting to know their clients.  Only once they know them and understand their lifestyle are they truly able to design a home that suits their client’s needs.  Because they take the time to establish their clients needs they get it right.  That means as a client you get the home of your dreams without having to fight for what you want.

Making the Construction Process Easy

Andrew and Jilaire ensure that their clients have peace of mind during the whole construction process.  How do they make a potentially long and stressful process easy and care-free?  That’s a great question and we have a few answers for you:

  • They get to know their clients and their needs
  • By paying close attention to ALL of the details they get the design right
  • Using their the ability to customize the process gives the client the home they want
  • They understand they are in a long term relationship with their clients.

By having a plan in place before the dig starts unwanted delays are avoided.  Having this plan enables Maison to schedule the trades so they can all work together and produce a seamless build.  Their goal is have the it feel like the entire home was built by one person who had the “whole process in mind.”

Designs that Inspire

Not sure where to start with the planning your new home?  That is not a problem.  Maison has Signature Plans to followed or use as a starting point.  Choose a plan and then work with the designers to customize it to your likes and needs.

This might be your starter home or your forever home but one thing is sure it should be a home you love and feel great in.

MAISON Fine Homes & Interior Design
Bay 30, 214 Joseph Okemasis Drive
Saskatoon, SK S7N 1B1
(306) 242-3653

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