Blueberry | An Adoptable Cat at The Saskatoon SPCA

By on April 12, 2013

I went to visit Blueberry at The Saskatoon SPCA this week to help her get adopted. I had heard a lot about her since she was a very special case. What I met was a very adorable and affectionate cat, despite her trauma. She is actually unbelievable. She has been through a lot and still so loving.

Blueberry at The Saskatoon SPCA

Blueberry at The Saskatoon SPCA

Blueberry is a 3 year old black domestic short hair that arrived at the shelter on January 20th, and is currently available for adoption at the Saskatoon SPCA.

Blueberry was picked up by Animal Protective Services after being found injured at a local business. She was taken to The Small Animal Clinic at the University of Saskatchewan where she was found to be dehydrated, underweight and suffering from puncture wounds on her back and side as well as severe frost bite to her ears, feet and tail.  Blueberry’s wounds were cleaned she was put on medication and given time to heal.  She has had to have almost half her tail amputated due to the frost bite but she does not appear to notice the lack of length.  Blueberry may look a little rough around the edges but has a heart of gold on the inside.  Quick to snuggle and give kisses Blueberry is very much a cat that likes to cuddle with you and will lay in her cat bed while you check your morning emails.  Her meow is very quiet and distinctive but she has a large personality and will let you know when she wants something.  If you are interested in Blueberry please contact the Saskatoon SPCA at 306-374-7387.

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