Saskatoon Locksmith – Tips to Avoid Getting Locked Out of Your House

By on December 12, 2011

I got locked out of my house the other day in Saskatoon and it was around -20 degrees out and about 11:00 pm. We tried to get in through some windows but the house was locked down like Fort Knox. We had no cell phone or money. We just went outside to move the cars around but left the house keys in the key bowl. It was freezing out! So we drove to a friend’s and invited ourselves in. Because they are the bestest of friends (hope they are reading this) and offered to lend us money until the next day to get a locksmith to help us out. Well we tried doing a search in Google and found results but not a lot of information and when we called some and no one answered. One listing in Google Places even had a towing company listed. Well I knew they would probably not be able to help but called anyways. Ofcourse they don’t work on houses! My friend posted on his Facebook page hoping someone would answer.

Saskatoon Locksmith - Don't lose your keys

Saskatoon Locksmith – Don’t lose your keys

Within a couple of minutes someone said they just looked on Kijiji and found a locksmith that clamined they were 24 hours. Awesome and he was!! He showed up at the house with 20 minutes and got us in to our house within 5. Super nice guy and said that most companies in Saskatoon say they are 24 hours but are really not. The Saskatoon locksmith’s information is below if you ever need a locksmith in Saskatoon. We hope to soon make a video for him on

Don Verbonac
Priority Lock Service
PO Box 9412 STN MAIN
Saskatoon, SK
S7K 7E9

His website is

He has been a Saskatoon locksmith for 20 years and will help you:

• Get your house or vehicle unlocked
• Get your house locks changed or rekeyed
• Get a broken key out of a lock
• Install deadbolts
• Repair your locks
• Install new locks

I made the video Tips to Avoid Being Locked Out Of Your Saskatoon House in hopes others don’t have to go through what we did and maybe even avoid the $80 locksmith bill! I have listed the tips. I know they are basic but maybe the tips will help someone out:

Tip #1 – Leave an extra key with a friend or neighbour and memorize their phone number.

Tip #2 – Buy one of those magnetic key car holders or hide-a-keys, that you can stick to any magnetic parts under your car.

Tip 3# – You can always hide a key somewhere around your house. Not the best idea but if you have some good hiding spots it might be worth it.

Tip #4 – Keep a spare key in your car.

Tip #5 – Keep a spare key in your wallet.

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