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I often get asked why are we offering the first video listing for free on SaskatoonUpClose.com. There are a couple of reasons for that. SaskatoonUpClose.com was started for Saskatoon businesses and its citizens. We offer the first one for free so it creates a level playing field for all businesses online. Many businesses don’t understand how to have a good presence online so we can help every business do that. Also, many companies make businesses pay to have a good listing online therefore, many companies don’t do it. We can help every business get online. Second, by offering the first video for free, we are able to show Saskatoon businesses how effective our video listings are before we even ask for money. We believe that the more videos you make the more relationships you can build with Saskatoon residents which creates more leads which creates more sales opportunities. When you want to make more videos we hope that by showing you how successful your first one was, you will ask us and pay us to do more. The third reason is that we want to make the biggest and best video directory available to Saskatoon residents. By offering first video listings for free, and getting all businesses involved, we are in a better position to say we are the biggest and best and get there a lot faster than if we charged money for it. This in turn gives each Saskatoon resident better choices when looking for businesses to spend their money on.SaskatoonUpClose.com was started to begin an online video directory of everything Saskatoon. We will be posting videos of businesses, products, services, events, things to see or do, and anything else we can think of. We will come to your organization to do the filming for you. We will edit it and post on our website and various other channels. Then sit back and watch the results in as little as 30 minutes! And your first video review is FREE . Once you see how effective it is, you will want more!!! Call us to for more information at 306-717-4648 or use the contact tab at the top to go right to our contact form.

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SaskatoonUpClose.com is going to be the place to find videos of everything Saskatoon. It will be a full video directory of businesses, products, services, events, happenings, things to do and see, and anything else we can think of. It will be the best directory of Saskatoon. Video is one of the best ways to get attention online and allow people to see Saskatoon up close. Also, video is one of the best ways to get great search engine rankings. And not just any video. our videos get up close to who you really are. We make them informative, lively and demonstrate the true sense of your organization. We are building our database of videos daily and soon it will be THE directory of everything Saskatoon.

We make videos that are social media relevant with a personal and real touch to the video to encourage maximum sharing. One of our first clients ranked on the first page of Google for three different search terms in only a couple of hours. There is no other directory like this available. If you are interested in learning more about having us come to you to video your organization, call us at 717-4648.

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