Saskatoon’s Black Fox Farm and Distillery

By on April 28, 2018

We live in great times!  Microbreweries are popping up all over the place and now micro-distilleries are following suit.  Why does that translate into a great time?  Because we now get to enjoy the creativity micro-distilleries put into making their spirits.  The big guys make good alcohol but it’s pretty predictable.  Saskatoon’s Black Fox Farm and Distillery creates spirits that are a little something special.

Saskatoon’s Black Fox Farm and Distillery

No matter who you ask Saskatchewan is a different place to live.  And different good, not different bad!  We are a people who rely on the land and have amazing ideas (cue the triumphant music).  And Black Fox Farm and Distillery is a true testament to this.  They have taken two very different, yet enjoyable, farming activities and combined them into a great business.  Making spirits and growing flowers.

Black Fox Distillery-Photo from Black Fox Facebook

Black Fox Distillery-Photo from Black Fox Facebook


Having a passion for farming and being a multi generation farming family has allowed Black Fox to take their passion and create a very unique and fun business.  They not only distill everything themselves, they grow 90% of the ingredients they use in their spirits.  This allows them to create alcohol that is of the highest quality, specializing in Vodka, Gin and Black Fox Liqueur….yum!!!

Black Fox Flowers

Black Fox grows acres of beautiful award winning cut flowers.  It’s an oasis of color and scents.  But they don’t keep them to themselves, they love sharing with others.  Their U-Pick season starts in July.  You come armed with cutting tools and they will give you a bucket and a map and you can spend as much time as you want wondering their fields choosing flowers to take home.  If you love their flowers but are not interest in the whole U-Pick experience sign up for one of their flower subscriptions and receive regular deliveries of their best and most beautiful flowers.

Tours and Classes

Looking for something to do and a couple of hours and a minimum of 10 friends?  Then consider taking an evening tour of their distillery and flowers.  It’s a fun evening and to top it off they include sample tasting!  Not interested in a tour?  No problem! You can stop by and visit them and sample some of their product and view some local art in their distillery room.  Just keep in mind it is not an eating establishment.

If that doesn’t keep them busy enough they also offer classes in mixology and flower arranging.  Check out their website for more details.


Saskatoon’s Black Fox Farm and Distillery
245 Valley Road
Saskatoon, SK S7K 3J6
(306) 955-4645

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