CreateCafe 3D Printing Cafe in Saskatoon

By on June 10, 2018
CreateCafe 3D Printing Cafe in Saskatoon

Who says Saskatoon doesn’t have super cool things going on?  Not us that’s for sure but we have heard some people think that!  We know that isn’t even close to being true and we have a company in Saskatoon to prove it.  CreateCafe 3D Printing Cafe in Saskatoon has brought some awesome technology together with some java to created an amazing business.

CreateCafe was opened to make 3D printing affordable and accessible to everyone.  In the past it was always big corporations that had access to 3D printers but thanks to advancements in technology and expiration of some patents it can now be affordable to everyone.

CreateCafe 3D Printing Cafe in Saskatoon

CreateCafe 3D Printing Paint Night

CreateCafe 3D Printing Paint Night-Picture from CreateCafe Facebook page

Saskatoon’s CreateCafe has a great team behind them who all have a vision of making 3D printing fun, affordable and accessible to anyone who wants to use it.  In the cafe they have several computers and printing stations set up so you can c\grab a cup of coffee, sit down, design your project and then print.  Sounds super easy doesn’t it????

Well it does if you are techie but what if you’re not?  Don’t worry and don’t be intimidated.  The team is there to help you.  They built their company on sharing information and that extends to their customers.  They love explaining how it all works and offer individual and group classes.


Another major part of their vision is to make 3D printing affordable.  You can pay a very reasonable day or monthly fee and do all the printing you want.  There is no limit on how much you print.

What Can You Print?

We know this sounds super cool and amazing but what can you make with it.  The only limit to what you can make is your imagination.  But here are a few ideas:

  • Headphones
  • Prototypes
  • Replacement parts for cars and machinery
  • Figurines
  • Personal gifts like planter and cups
  • Furniture
  • Campers
3D Printed Camper by CreateCafe

CreateCafe-Picture from CreateCafe Facebook page

Did we say campers?  We sure did.  Earlier this year the crew at CreateCafe printed a life sized camper.  This camper is the biggest one piece print in the world.  Woo hoo!!!  And it is intended to be used.  The one that was just printed was a prototype but they plan to keep printing and selling them.  To be able to do this they needed  a very large 3D printer.  In fact, they needed the largest printed available in North America.  Good thing they have one!  Another accomplishment they are proud of.



If you’re not sure where to start check out one of their Paint Nights!!!

Create Cafe 3D Printing
21 – 510 Circle Dr E
Saskatoon, SK S7K 7C7

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