Churchill Dog Groomers in Saskatoon

By on April 9, 2018
Churchill Dog Groomers in Saskatoon

Finding a place for our fur babies to get groomed isn’t always easy.  Sure there are a lot of groomers out there but don’t you want your very precious baby to go someplace that will take care of them and is truly invested in the well being of animals?  Churchill Dog Groomers in Saskatoon is the answer.  They care about animals and will treat your furry family member with love.

Churchill Dog Groomers in Saskatoon

Not only is having a caring groomer important but you want one who knows what they are doing.  The groomers at Churchill Dog Groomers pride themselves on their knowledge by going to seminars and competing whenever possible.

They also know how stressful the groomer is for many animals.  For this reason, they treat each and every animal with the care and love they would give their own pets.  You often hear them talking to the dogs in a calming voice, petting them, reassuring them and telling them what good girls and boys they are.  Our pets are special to us but they have no voice.  They can’t tell you when something doesn’t go well or complain when they are treated badly.  So we have to be able to trust the people we let care for them.

Trust and Care

Animals are so important to Churchill Groomers that they often groom rescue dogs free of charge.  They do this to make the feel dogs fell better and look better.  Adopting one of these special dogs is so much easier when their true cuteness shines through.


Churchill Dog Groomers

Churchill Dog Groomers – Picture from Churchill Dog Groomer’s Facebook page

Walk-In Services – service that do not require an appointment

  • Toenail trim
  • Ear Cleaning
  • Face Trim
  • Foot Trim
  • Sanitary Trim

Full Service Grooming

  • Complete Groom
  • Complete Groom and Shorten
  • Cut Down
  • Scissor Cut
  • Breed Cut
  • Bath,Brush and Tidy
  • Cat Grooming

Churchill Groomers
718 2nd Avenue North
Saskatoon, SK S7K 2E1
(306) 652-6663

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