Ayden Kitchen and Bar Saskatoon

By on February 27, 2018
Ayden Kitchen and Bar Saskatoon

What do you get when you combine a chef, a butcher and a mixologist?  A restaurant that has great food, great atmosphere and great cocktails.   Ayden Kitchen and Bar Saskatoon has created something very special right in the heart of Saskatoon’s downtown.  Dale, Nathan and Christopher wanted to create a unique dining experience in Saskatoon but wanted to stay true to their roots.  With that in mind they created a dining experience that is based on home grown goodness using ingredients grown in Saskatchewan.

Ayden Kitchen and Bar Saskatoon

The Beginning

They may be home grown and down to earth but their food is out of this world.  And that was their vision from the beginning; good food with a bit of a twist.  Their first step was to find the perfect location.  This came in the form of a heritage building downtown Saskatoon.  Next came the renovation.  They loved the building so much they kept or re-purposed as much of the original building as they could.  This was important to them as they wanted to be as true to Saskatoon and Saskatchewan as they could.

Next came the name.  And to them it was not just a name.  It had to mean something important to all of them.  So they named the restaurant after Dale’s son.

The Food

Once they made relationships with surrounding farmers they began to plan their menu.  Their food is made right in Ayden Kitchen and Bar and they don’t take any short cuts.

Ayden Kitchen and Bar Saskatoon

Ayden Kitchen and Bar Saskatoon

The have a butcher room where they age their own meat and the result is amazing!  They are especially becoming known for their delicious sausages that they grind, season and stuff right in their own kitchen.

No detail is too small for them.  In fact they say its the smallest detail that can take a meal from good to great.

The Cocktails

Cocktails are a huge part of Aydens.  They like to feature classic cocktails.  However, Christopher, Ayden’s mixologist, feels classical cocktails have been tampered with too much in the last few years.  So he keeps his cocktails simple, clean and delicious.

Whether you are looking for a quick lunch with friends, snacks and drinks or a more formal dining experience Ayden Kitchen and Bar is the place for you.


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