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By on July 9, 2013

Yogurt Temptation in Saskatoon is one of the newer yogurt places that serve all kinds of frozen yogurt and delicious toppings. Yogurt Temptation is located right behing the Grainfield’s and Shoppers Drug Mart in Grosvenor Park Mall.

Yogurt Temptation Saskatoon Store Front

Yogurt Temptation Saskatoon Store Front

Their address is:

#36 – 2105 8th Street East
Grosvenor Park Mall
Saskatoon, SK
S7H 0T8

Frozen Yogurt at Yogurt Temptation

Frozen Yogurt at Yogurt Temptation

As of July 2013 I have lost count of how many yogurt places there are in Saskatoon. However, Yogurt Temptation definitely stands out. They offer the lowest price per ounce at 50 cents, they are the only ones that sell Dole Whip frozen yogurt, and they have the most unique toppings. Dole Whip frozen yogurt is soft serve fat free and lactose free. I tried it and it is delicious. They even have Greek style frozen yogurt that is really thick. Another thing that stood out is the owners passion for their business. They are excited to have you test out different flavours before you buy and they love sharing information about their product.

Yogurt Temptation Cones

Yogurt Temptation Cones

Make sure to check out the Yogurt Temptation Facebook page and like them.

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Watch Yogurt Temptation Saskatoon on YouTube.

Watch the Yogurt Temptation video from Shalaine, the owner, about their sugar free Red Velvet frozen yogurt.

by Chuck Gallagher

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