Sutherland Beach Off Leash Recreation Area Saskatoon

By on September 18, 2011

The Sutherland Beach Off Leash Recreation Area in Saskatoon is a great place to take your dog for a long walk through forested paths, at the sides of fields and down by the South Saskatchewan River water. You are sure to bump in to familiar faces and furry friends during your walk. Lots of birds fly around, an occasional deer might spring up in the evening, and if you are lucky, the elusive beaver may swim by or chop a log for you. You can do a good lap or two to get good exercise. We go there at least once per day with Turk, who we adopted from the Saskatoon SPCA. He loves it there. There are dogs of all kinds there, big and small. And even some giant ones!! The park is very clean and they have garbage bins throughout to throw away the dog poop. The Sutherland Beach Off Leash Recreation Area is also connected to a fenced in area that is used by cyclists, walkers and runners. Turk did one day find a hole under the fence and used it. Actually, I think he had seen it before and was eyeing it up. Then one day he decided when I wasn’t really looking he could crawl under it and hang out on the other side. See picture below.

Turk crawling under fence at Sutherland Beach Off Leash Recreation Area

Turk crawling under fence at Sutherland Beach Off Leash Recreation Area

There is a major path that takes you right to the South Saskatchewan River where in the summer the low water levels create an awesome sandy beach area. The dogs can also get a little drink of water too. Go there with your dog and you will love it!

To get there go to Central Avenue and Attridge Drive and go north on Central. Take your first left and go down the dirt road that runs parallel to Attridge. Drive right to the Cul De Sac, get your dog out, and go for a walk!
Please clean up after your pet and make sure your dog is licensed.

To check out our video on the Avalon Off Leash Dog Park click the link below.

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