Pure Frozen Yogurt Bar in Saskatoon

By on August 15, 2011
Pure Frozen Yogurt Bar in Saskatoon

Pure Frozen Yogurt Bar in Saskatoon

We went to Pure Frozen Yogurt Bar in University Heights. What an awesome place and concept. You get to pick from choices of frozen yogurt and you can mix as much as you want. Then you go add your toppings. There are even more choices of toppings like cookies, chocolates, fruits and nuts. You then take your bowl to the counter where they weigh your delicious dessert and charge you by how much you piled up! When we went they had a whole bunch of non-fat yogurt versions that you would not even notice they had no fat they were so thick. On this second visit to Pure, we found out that they are now offering a frequent buyer card which is great. You have to go try them out. You can even stay, sit in the restaurant style seating area,  and watch other customers load up on their delightful frozen yogurt concoctions. It is a very clean, crisp and fresh environment for hanging out. They are even open late every night. They are located at 126-1824 McOrmond Drive behind the Wendy’s.

They can be reached at 373-1824. Their hours of operation are:

Monday to Saturday 10am to 10pm

Sunday 11am to 9pm

When you go make sure you tell them you saw the video on SaskatoonUpClose.com.

If you want to see some reviews check out the Urbanspoon link below.

Pure Frozen Yogurt Bar on Urbanspoon


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      Thanks for the heads up Greg. I did remove the space from all permalinks so hope that helps. Let me know. Cheers. Chuck

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